What is consciousness?

Updated: May 1

Let's talk about what it means to be conscious, or to raise our consciousness. We explore telepathic communication, communication with animals and even plants, and a theory that our DNA can be alter through "applied consciousness" and this means that we can heal disease by our thought power alone.

Is being conscious to be fast wake? Is higher consciousness the key to better health, a clean planet, and peace on Earth?

We realize that many struggle to define and understand consciousness. And still, no-thing could be more important because we know that when we operate from higher consciousness all problems are easily solved. Currently, we are working on defining consciousness, what it is, plus how it is shared (it's contagious) and how this affects you. As is the case with all of our research, we consider the best science together with what we discover through metaphysical modalities such as meditation, telepathy, remote viewing, and more. Stay tuned for the release of our adventure in consciousness.


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